10Gr Boutique Hotel & Wine Bar

Tribute to Art

10GR Hotel and Wine Bar pays tribute to the scenery of Arts, inviting artists from all around Greece to showcase their work in seasonal special exhibitions.

10GR Hotel & Wine Bar | Rhodes, Greece
10GR Hotel & Wine Bar | Rhodes, Greece


George Tziokas
Exhibition dates; 11/07/2020 – 08/08/2020
I was born in Katerini in 1947. I have been painting since the age of twelve and in October 1969 in Serres, while I was serving in the army, I presented my first solo exhibition. A year later I moved to Athens where I had the opportunity to attend painting and scenography classes, as well as to work in several theaters. The exhibition which you can see at 10Gr Boutique Hotel & Wine Bar and Wine Bar is called “the nymphs in red”.

List of previous

11-07-2020 to 08-08-2020
Dikaia Giorga , “Morfes”, Painting
23-12-2019 to 28-02-2020
Manolis Pentes , “Dialogues”, Painting
25-11-2019 to 20-12-2019
Periklis Loukopoulos, “Chiseling feelings over time”, Photography
29-10-2019 to 22-11-2019
Aikaterini Katsifaraki , Painting
21-09-2019 to 26-10-2019
Igor Ochmiansky, “Ecume- Plop” Photography
1-06-2019 to 26-7-2019
Magda Maria,”A walk in the Old Town”, Drawing
15-03-2019 to 10-05-2019
Yannis Papayanoulis, “Paper envelop”, Collage
10-01-2019 to 01-03-2019
Christos Syrakos, Painting
24-11-2019 to 09-01-2019
Eirini Vazoukou, “At work”, Painting

10GR Hotel & Wine Bar | Rhodes, Greece

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