The Grand Master in the Dodecanese

Cosmopolitan yet traditional, modern yet timeless, simple yet spectacular – Rhodes has so many faces worth discovering them all!
The medieval Old Town, the port of Mandraki, the Acropolis of Lindos, the ancient cities of Kamiros and Ialysos, the Valley of the Butterflies, are just a few of the things you “must” see while in Rhodes. It’s a landscape with such eye-catching beauty and rich history that it’s no wonder Rhodes is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. This is where vast sandy beaches, clear waters, castles and ancient civilisations effortlessly mix with gourmet restaurants and traditional tavernas serving local delicacies.

Rhodes is a beautiful mosaic of experiences in the Dodecanese: the island of knights and the mythical Colossus of Rhodes, where Byzantines, Greeks, Venetians and Turks all left something to remember them by. Alongside luxury resorts are villages where women still bake bread in an outdoor wood-fired oven.

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