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Action, Sports, Tours in Rhodes

Rhodes now has the facilities and the expertise to host and support major sport events but also the preparation, coaching teams and individual athletes in each category in many sports, whereas now there are: track and field 400 meters and 8 lanes, modern Olympic sailing, laser,

indoor halls with wooden flooring, tennis courts with green set, clay courts and artificial grass courts, archery facility with modern equipment including chronometer, football fields with natural grass or artificial turf, table tennis equipment, modern clay target shooting and many more.

Activities and tours

Diving and tour around the eastern impressive seasides around Ladiko Bay, followed by climbing in a setting with breathtaking views.


Golf at the well-known coast of Afandou, while enjoying nature in a spot right along the Archipelago.

Horse Riding and Archery

Archery, as well as horse back riding by the beach or on the mountain.

Quad tours

Quad tours are available in several locations of the island including Attavyros mountain at 1.215 meters.

It’s a landscape with such eye-catching beauty and rich history that it’s no wonder Rhodes is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece.