Hidden gems of Rhodes

The villages

The treasures hidden in Rhodes’ many villages are priceless. There’s Emponas with its renowned wine and traditional costumes, Agios Isidoros frozen in the 1960s, Apollona with its Folklore Museum, Archangelos with its long tradition of ceramics and music, Afandou with its skilful weavers, Trianda with its Mineralogy and Palaeontology Museum, Kritinia with the Castello Castle, Lardos with its Byzantine castle, Salakos with its wells, Psinthos with one of the largest town squares in the Dodecanese, Asklipio with its beautiful Byzantine church and Eleousa with its Venetian buildings and picturesque tavernas.

Wine of ages

It has been said that Rhodes was the first island in the Aegean to cultivate a vineyard and make wine. So it’s no coincidence that in ancient times Rhodians were considered the largest wine merchants in the Mediterranean. Today’s wines are excellent too.


The ‘Castle of Eagles’ is one of the most impressive in Rhodes. It was built by the Master of Aubusson in 1476 on a cliff facing the Aegean.

Source : https://www.discovergreece.com/